White wheel, white fiberglass interior moudlings. Feeling goooood #econoline #vannin #classiccars #vanlife
This guy just rode 70 miles on a bicycle with some cool peeps. (It was supposed to be 62, but we fucked up) #tourdellevigne
Don't think I could be more stoked on the job @streamline_design did with the split bumper install on my old econoline #vanlife #vannin #econoline #classiccars

RT @dailydripcom: We released a free five-week intro to Elixir, OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix! https://t.co/gMyP3kn3lW

Last night was pretty great
A stanced Volvo. That's a first for me

If your class is more than 150 lines and you think it only has one responsibility, you're kidding yourself.

@michaelmartinho Sorry for your loss

@michaelmartinho Nah dawg. Black coffee is my vice

@michaelmartinho Have you tried meth?

Starting dinner with the Joneseseses - 2

@justinmk It doesn't. Same issue, mangles the wrong buffer. Worth noting that I'm using neovim

@justinmk With `let g:dirvish_mode = ':g/^.*$/s!.*!\=WebDevIconsGetFileTypeSymbol(submatch(0)) . " " . submatch(0)!… https://t.co/If5Dzktcua

@justinmk How can I use https://t.co/THBmpBdtmX with dirvish?

RT @Kim_Deathrose: Ah that's better I was feeling a little horse from all that screaming

RT @_justinbrady: I'm always falling asleep during the day. I need to ask my doctor if I have narc of leprosy.

RT @Mr_phreshbreeze: Didn't get much sleep. Suffering from in some near

RT @NickthaDj: Damn this in some near....

RT @NickMontesdeoca: i hate having in some near, it's so hard to sleep sometimes 😭

tfw your eye hurts

RT @Forever_kenia: I just made breakfast Bone apple tea

RT @JEI_ARR: wow it's like 76 the grease outside and i'm in bed sick 🤒🤒🤒🤒

RT @xo_sammy01: It's coming to an end soon so minus will make the best of it 🤘🏼

RT @Hey_MissAshley: Minus well wear flats

Step one to backyard built in BBQ. Tree delete!
I'm not fancy enough to be here. #classiccars #econoline #vannin #vanlife
Such a tight area to work in. Tomorrow's check list: 1. Drop of manifold at machine shop. 2. Buy dremel bits to finish cleaning up the exhaust ports on the head. 3. Pickup manifold and copper rtv that sucker to the head. Hoping my exhaust leak issue goes away
Getting the holes that were drilled all over the top of the doghouse welded up. #vannin #classiccars #econoline #vanlife
Missed you 😍

RT @lycabowse: Watch @NationalSawdust’s GM use @Eventbrite Venue to produce an unforgettable show — from first hold to last call https://t.…

Feels like I've gained 10lbs since I got here. #sxsw2017 #somuchfood