Poll: chalk outline of a dead body, or gingerbread man enjoying a scenic walk along the shoreline?
The irony of Taylor promoting an album titled “Reputation” through UPS.

RT @ealexhudson: We need to talk about software architecture. And we need to stop pretending we're Google. https://t.co/xNWV9ryR7m

RT @chris_mccord: Spent an hour with my brother @tylerweidel hacking native iOS video streaming jpeg frames to the browser at 30fps over ph…

This is why the world is ending https://t.co/xDA33wooD0

RT @KrangTNelson: imagine trying to explain this to someone from 2006 https://t.co/0e4clvlcJ5

RT @tenderlove: Understanding fluid dynamics is one of the hardest parts of waterfall development

It’s 2017 and IMAX still doesn’t have their ecommerce game on lock down.

@lycabowse IMAX! Tickets go on sale tonight, I’ll forward you the email

@mattsergent Is that code for “yamobethere”??

Midnight showing of The Last Jedi. Who’s with me?!

Needs more knobs
It’s been a blast getting acclimated to the new teammates. Now it’s time to say goodbye to SF, and hello to snuggles from the kiddos

RT @ezraklein: America's gun problem, explained in 18 charts: https://t.co/d4oWetLplV

Where I’ve been for the past few weeks

RT @sacbee_news: Here’s how people disrespect the American flag every day, according to Flag Code https://t.co/2wb75eJzzb

RT @ConanOBrien: I’m starting to regret naming my son “Donald Trump, Jr.” It seemed okay 11 years ago.

Prototype 3 ready for assembly
This little astronaut has made four trips around the sun. Happy Birthday little duuuude! 🎉🎉
First day of first grade! #whythehellisitonathursday
Deer spotting with Violet

RT @jstnjns: We make speakers now. Let @vinniefranco or myself know if you're interested. https://t.co/aX0crDuxtL https://t.co/kVkDpdALoi

RT @dailydripcom: We released a free five-week intro to Elixir, OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix! https://t.co/gMyP3kn3lW

If your class is more than 150 lines and you think it only has one responsibility, you're kidding yourself.