@RobynIsMyGal Not sure why you would assume I want empty planes. A safe distance would be nice, not packed in like… https://t.co/arqUgJUjNX

Flying from MAD to SFO in the time of covid-19. Madrid flight had sanitized bins, and basically empty planes. DFW t… https://t.co/TN7fJEzFLN

Don't write DRY tests. Instead, optimize for understanding over brevity. Every well-written unit is: self-documenti… https://t.co/Por9AUJvwu

RT @RiseOfTheSynths: Hey #synthfam! You’ve been asking, we’ve been listening!😉 Given the current situation and with so many festivals cance…

RT @bernheisel: Launching https://t.co/UbC1s5zmlp It's just an Elixir regex tester right now. Powered by LiveView https://t.co/zdNGA5mQC2

RT @mcrumm: Have you heard the good news about Elixir? #myelixirstatus JVM struggles and the BEAM by @mrjoelkemp https://t.co/dTan376VTX

RT @Daniel_Lewis3: Here is Dr. Birx's reaction when President Trump asks his science advisor to study using UV light on the human body and…

@rhea5ilvia Splice is a gift

RT @DemWrite: This report from Pittsburgh shows the miles-long line to get to the local food bank. Trump’s America, 2020. Watch. Share. D…

@giron I'm hanging in there buddy. Sending love from España

When it's dark enough, you can see the stars

RT @wycats: I very rarely feel *rage* at corporations, but the nerve of these fuckers. Gee whiz, the companies won't get US money because…

Los refugiados son doblemente vulnerables frente al COVID-19. Un brote en un campo de refugiados sería imposible de… https://t.co/S3Hr1NjwjQ

RT @rhea5ilvia: While you're all practicing #SocialDistancing, go on and dance by yourself to my latest remix https://t.co/D5k4pZAbRd https…

RT @profwolff: Ventilators save Corona victims' lives but aren't being produced by firms b/c they cant sell enough to be profitable. US hos…

RT @quincythepup: This is no leader .#TrumpLiedPeopleDied One of the best video clips I have ever seen. Please RT. https://t.co/JyNDk3umoq

RT @minhtngo: This is American state tv. People will die because of it. #FoxNewsLies #TrumpLiedPeopleDied https://t.co/mrOjeMcw0P

Isolation ain't all that bad. . . . #quedateencasa #synthwave #popwave

RT @sfrench: I'm curious what Jake Gyllenhaal has to say about this forced reboot of Bubble Boy that we collectively are all starring in.

I've been lusting after the Vitpilen since the day it came out. Today, I finally pulled the trigger on one.
Vamos a Madrid
Super rad Xmas display
Jenn and I decided to throw Thanksgiving for a set of amazing britelings here in España. Getting all the ingredients for traditional Americans dishes proved to be a little difficult - as was snagging a full turkey. But, with some help and a little luck we pulled it off and had a great time. #francosabroad
I've had the new cybertruck prototype for years. @teslamotors
Explored some caves today
Bar designed by no other than Wes Anderson
Sightseeing: architecture, canals, churches of death.
It was a bit of a risk to head out over cloud cover since the rain here tends to turn on like a faucet. Well worth the risk when you consider how breathtaking the views are.
Early morning rides