Finally got to sneak a shot in front of the auto museum mural #vannin #econoline #classiccars
Nice day for a ride
This is Jojo. Jojo is sweet. Be more like Jojo
RIP Chuck Berry.
Future Islands. Thanks @sitcler for introducing me to this band a few years ago
Future Islands #sxsw2017
Still my favorite performance. ADTI #sxsw2017

RT @lycabowse: Watch @NationalSawdust’s GM use @Eventbrite Venue to produce an unforgettable show — from first hold to last call https://t.…

Feels like I've gained 10lbs since I got here. #sxsw2017 #somuchfood

This is life
Yup. Saw ADTI live. Now I can die
Hanging with At The Drive-in
@boker_knives found this old straight razor box for my new blade
Spotted a super clean A100. #vanspotting #vannin
Tacos tacos and more tacos

RT @glpatterson: Meet some of my partners in crime;

RT @EventbriteHQ: At @Eventbrite, the Music team is solving the core challenges of running venues and festivals htt…

Biking the buttes

RT @searls: Look at this amazing graphic illustrating how much larger human fingers have gotten in less than 70 years wow…

Found out where Trump gets his info.

RT @fk_AndyJassy: "AWS S3 is not suffering an outage and has never, ever suffered an outage, PERIOD" #awscloud

Booty booty booty booty, rockin' errywhere

The Wrong Abstraction — Sandi Metz

Hey… we made a thing! Official Eventbrite Ruby SDK. @miloops @derpingtondurp

@websolrstatus our indexes appear to be down, and there is no status updates on your site... What is going on?

RT @jpbrammer: "look at all of these paid protestors smh" - King Louis XVI as the mob carries him to the guillotine

Error Handling in Elixir Libraries

RT @RiotFest: Back in my day "Milo Goes To College" was just an album.

How Discord handles push request bursts of over a million per minute with Elixir’s GenStage

RT @kyleve: when ur buddy approves ur pull request v0.2.2 updated to Elixir 1.3

With capslock remapped to esc, and a good vimrc, you can do anything.