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Taking the A train to plane town

@smarty Sorry about the doggo @smarty. :(

RT @washingtonkate: Ah, April, when Sacramento turns into the pollen equivalent of a snowglobe

RT @ElixirTip: Elixir is the 8th most loved language in the @StackOverflow 2019 Survey https://t.co/EC7vyZE4KU https://t.co/Cf6m5QlriJ

RT @MIT_CSAIL: Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data. Right: MIT computer scientist…

Thanks for your hospitality, SLC

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RT @airbagged: Billy Corgan rides a rollercoaster https://t.co/rgaizgpMbs

This show is hilarious

@straplocked Noooooo. It was never here and it was never accepted

That feeling when the food is taking too long

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RT @ClueHeywood: Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house

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@PolemicHeart Now I'm kind of curious how you use session view, especially since your tracks are so far away from s… https://t.co/A37mVbsKE3

@PolemicHeart I never use it. I try to break out of loopville as soon as I can and session view seems to prolong it.

Miss you buddy
Finally feeling like winter
I want to meet this doubling fisting, breakdancing, aggressive, pregnant man. He sounds fun
Cut down our first Xmas tree!
Coming home to no Jojo greeting was rough. Dammit, I miss you so much.