RT @julesneonfawkes: TSOS and @nightride__fm proudly present "Completely Mental Volume 1", our first charity compilation album targeting me…

RT @Icarussweden: I finally completed the video for "Walls", here it is everyone ✨✨✨ Watch the video here: https://t.co/xgr5OcIMmo Happy…

Feels good getting back on a bike, also feels terrible because I've lost all of my endurance and strength.
Welp. Finally made the journey to the beach after living here for a little over a month #francosabroad

RT @gnufede: Join our team in Madrid! https://t.co/Qnftls5gLd

RT @JackBensinger: Took a picture of myself every day for 10 years. https://t.co/3DYlEYAoXV

Perfect Halloween costume for when the party gets boring https://t.co/erTuNPmYel

@michaelmartinho @dburka Wrong answer @michaelmartinho off to time out you go

@smarty @eventbrite Pretty close! We finally move into our permanent spot tomorrow. I'm beyond ready to stop living out of a suitcase 🙏

@smarty @eventbrite Bienvenida a España!

You know you need to do something when your kid holds up a blackberry and says "Look how fat these are daddy, just like you!"

Things that are weird to me as a Spanish language learner. Me gusta tocar el piano = I like to play the piano. Dir… https://t.co/KHAWex627v

First night in Alicante #francosabroad
Our entire lives now fit into a couple of suitcases. #francosabroad

The last time my entire life fit in the back of a car was more than 20 years ago.

RT @nerds_feather: Great article by @IronSkullet on why synthwave and synthpop are distinct from one another: https://t.co/RMK5nml6pE

RT @rrrene: Hands down: @hexpm is the best. Mistyped a package version and the error message is super useful: #myelixirstatus https://t.co/…

RT @turbo_knight: My new album out now on every platform. Buy, stream, share or whatever you feel. Thank you! :) https://t.co/r6o1dBDfWt

RT @panic: Hi. We made something new. https://t.co/s0cCPLaZRL

Taking the A train to plane town
Thanks for your hospitality, SLC