Cleaned up the knobs, face, and retrofitted it with Bluetooth 💪🏾🎶
This little mid-century radio console cleaned up nicely! Came with a built in reel-to-reel, recording microphone, record player, original ceramic 45 spacer, and some reels to play.
With a little more than a month before this old bird gets a new paint job, I managed the trade my solid windows for super rare pop outs! Now the kiddos will have plenty of ventilation when we are cruising. #classiccars #econoline #vanlife #vannin #panelsbewavin
I don't mean to brag... but sometimes you win BIG
Pretty stoked on these enamelware tin mugs
On America's birthday, we do arts & crafts
Rambler Marlin
Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1776
Vacation starts now!
What's your #fourthofjuly sock game like?
Night without the kiddos
Hopefully this little lunchbox will be all patched up soon. Especially, since Progressive is taking their sweet time figuring stuff out. #vannin #econoline #vanlife #classiccars

RT @dailydripcom: We released a free five-week intro to Elixir, OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix!

If your class is more than 150 lines and you think it only has one responsibility, you're kidding yourself.

@michaelmartinho Sorry for your loss

@michaelmartinho Nah dawg. Black coffee is my vice

@michaelmartinho Have you tried meth?

@justinmk It doesn't. Same issue, mangles the wrong buffer. Worth noting that I'm using neovim

@justinmk With `let g:dirvish_mode = ':g/^.*$/s!.*!\=WebDevIconsGetFileTypeSymbol(submatch(0)) . " " . submatch(0)!…

@justinmk How can I use with dirvish?

RT @Kim_Deathrose: Ah that's better I was feeling a little horse from all that screaming

RT @_justinbrady: I'm always falling asleep during the day. I need to ask my doctor if I have narc of leprosy.

RT @Mr_phreshbreeze: Didn't get much sleep. Suffering from in some near

RT @NickthaDj: Damn this in some near....

RT @NickMontesdeoca: i hate having in some near, it's so hard to sleep sometimes 😭

RT @Forever_kenia: I just made breakfast Bone apple tea

RT @JEI_ARR: wow it's like 76 the grease outside and i'm in bed sick 🤒🤒🤒🤒

RT @xo_sammy01: It's coming to an end soon so minus will make the best of it 🤘🏼

RT @Hey_MissAshley: Minus well wear flats

RT @lycabowse: Watch @NationalSawdust’s GM use @Eventbrite Venue to produce an unforgettable show — from first hold to last call https://t.…

Feels like I've gained 10lbs since I got here. #sxsw2017 #somuchfood