When the walk to the party is quite literally a parade
Update: voodoo doll works!
Made my first voodoo doll. Wish me luck!

Happy Friday My new track HWY80 is now available on Spotify and iTunes! Please pass it on https://t.co/geIzD8Razu #synthwave #80s

RT @parkerwightman: Running 500+ @elixirlang (mostly) integration tests in under 4 seconds 👍

RT @knowledgebird: Everyone likes to diss process, but like I said to my kid today, you have to know the recipe before you can freestyle.

I wasn’t as active during my 2017 #YearInSport https://t.co/BCu9y24NgU time to make up for it!

Added a lead and changed the progression. Maybe I’ll make this into a song. What do you think? #synthwave #newretrowave #retro #80s #80sretro #chillwave #edm

RT @dhh: Make 2018 the year you decide to get calm. Stop smiling when you say "it's crazy at work". It doesn't have to be, and it's better…

RT @officialjaden: 2018 I'm Not Talking To Nobody.

Hah. My best nine is vannin’ #2017bestnine
Last Jedi time with mini Kylo Ren
This is Jojo. Jojo loves carrots. Be like Jojo

RT @kylegriffin1: Reminder that Trump's Irish golf course just got permission to build seawall. The original application for the wall cite…

HWY80 is now released. Smooth 80s style jams for your ears. You can buy it in my bio or watch the video here https://youtu.be/yEDxEM9ySDQ #synthwave #retrowave #newretrowave #vaporwave #chillwave #newwave #80s #cultclassic #80smusic #retro #80slove
The CZ series released in 1984 leverages phase distortion synthesis (imagine a gritty DX-7) with insane modulation options thanks to 8-step envelopes on the DCO, DCW, and DCA. I picked up this excellent condition survivor for basically nothing. She generates those 80s signature sounds without breaking a sweat. Crazy right? Something made in 1984 makes 80s sounds? Whoooooaaaa #casiocz101 #vintageanalogsynthesizer

End of the year synthwave jam for y'all https://t.co/MLKkpBOu4Z Hope you enjoy it #synthwave

He wanted an umbrella and a bell for his bicycle. We managed to scrape together enough to get both 🙏
Violet with KanoOS. Learning how to code!
When your little noodle starts to turn into a song #daveinstrumentsprophet #synthwave
Noodling around on the REV2.
Jay-Z was incredible. Thanks for the hookup @glpatterson

RT @AndyRichter: Roy Moore not conceding reminds me of something I’ve noticed: a certain kind of white man, having grown used to creating r…

Third prototype. This one has passive radiators for a bit of kick in the pants

RT @SenWarren: This Congress doesn’t work for working families. It works for corporate lobbyists & campaign donors in backroom deals & 1:30…

RT @pattonoswalt: Anyone struggling with depression, read this thread. Thank you @danharmon https://t.co/vaMlhkZu7h

Yup. Just sticking up for those blue-collar workers “By 2027, people making $40,000 to $50,000 would pay a combined… https://t.co/iNoagQMBd1

RT @the_thagomizer: Almost time for Advent of Code 2017 https://t.co/SCcAYFGekw I'm so excited. #AdventOfCode

RT @tenderlove: I lost a bunch of money investing in a Japanese condiment company that turned out to be some kind of Ponzu scheme

Nice. Avoiding the mouse allows you to avoid Fitt's law. https://t.co/gCoIznOcHw

RT @tenderlove: Tomorrow is a great day to change your SSH keys! #CypherMonday https://t.co/ZHVaFexg2g

So this is how truth dies; actual opinion drowned out by mass posting troll bots. https://t.co/VprRCj3UPh

When you meet people on the train ride home from work, and their daughter draws a picture of you.
Hanging out with my new best friend