Step one to backyard built in BBQ. Tree delete!
I'm not fancy enough to be here. #classiccars #econoline #vannin #vanlife
Such a tight area to work in. Tomorrow's check list: 1. Drop of manifold at machine shop. 2. Buy dremel bits to finish cleaning up the exhaust ports on the head. 3. Pickup manifold and copper rtv that sucker to the head. Hoping my exhaust leak issue goes away
Getting the holes that were drilled all over the top of the doghouse welded up. #vannin #classiccars #econoline #vanlife
Missed you 😍
This place needs a boat club
Hands down one of the best dinners I have ever had.
Meat on meat on meat at the Eventbrite asado!
Expected a bit of rain for a few hours today but daaaaannng #mendoza
4am in Argentina

RT @lycabowse: Watch @NationalSawdust’s GM use @Eventbrite Venue to produce an unforgettable show — from first hold to last call https://t.…

Feels like I've gained 10lbs since I got here. #sxsw2017 #somuchfood

RT @glpatterson: Meet some of my partners in crime;

RT @EventbriteHQ: At @Eventbrite, the Music team is solving the core challenges of running venues and festivals htt…

RT @searls: Look at this amazing graphic illustrating how much larger human fingers have gotten in less than 70 years wow…

Found out where Trump gets his info.

RT @fk_AndyJassy: "AWS S3 is not suffering an outage and has never, ever suffered an outage, PERIOD" #awscloud

Booty booty booty booty, rockin' errywhere

The Wrong Abstraction — Sandi Metz

Hey… we made a thing! Official Eventbrite Ruby SDK. @miloops @derpingtondurp

@websolrstatus our indexes appear to be down, and there is no status updates on your site... What is going on?

RT @jpbrammer: "look at all of these paid protestors smh" - King Louis XVI as the mob carries him to the guillotine

Error Handling in Elixir Libraries

RT @RiotFest: Back in my day "Milo Goes To College" was just an album.

How Discord handles push request bursts of over a million per minute with Elixir’s GenStage

RT @kyleve: when ur buddy approves ur pull request v0.2.2 updated to Elixir 1.3

With capslock remapped to esc, and a good vimrc, you can do anything.