TMUX - The most magical utility in Linux. #agreed

RT @codinghorror: Wow. High end Chinese poker cheating device actually works

#TrumpBookReport is my new favorite hashtag

10 Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes

Back on the road again.

Yay! The final version of The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook in print! Rocked the beta PDF way back it had maybe 3 c…

Codewars announces Elixir support! Yassss!!!!

Looks ready to go!
@jenn.franco as always, looking like a million bucks #happilyeverbeecham
Violet and Mason owning the pit #happilyeverbeecham
@harperwinterandme with a burrito the size of a small horse
When you party so hard you lose a heel
Getting his ears lowered for the wedding 👰
Got hit by a minivan today. Walked away with minor injuries and legitimately ruined the weekend 🤕

Elixir Video User Profile Service for the Olympics — Application teardown

I never selfie. @jenn.franco
Walked all around land park and got some pizza as a treat
Brought some Argentina back to Sacramento #yerbamate
Custom Vans arrived!
Got to hang with friends, and enjoy the sunset over the Andes #amazingday

RT @SlexAxton: "Airpods. Now you can lose them... One. At. A. Time."

RT @donleykogn: roses are red lawn grass is lime

RT @pragdave: 1/2 Top-down functional programming means creating transformations to make state more granular, and other transformations to…

RT @MKBHD: I’ve watched this a couple times and it keeps blowing my mind:

RT @ElixirTip: Want a good Elixir exercise? Reimplement `GenServer` from scratch.

@MaxMaury34 Hopefully that works for you! :)

@MaxMaury34 You have to turn off Byte3 of the Data In part of LED_FLASH. by changing the last hex value to 0x00

@MaxMaury34 Okay, so I don’t have one here to verify… After checking the datasheet Page 22….

@MaxMaury34 possibly! I'd have to break out the data sheet and look