@sfrench God, I miss you.

@Icarussweden @straplocked Multiply that by 1000x and remember that the dog can never be left alone and you'll have a baby

@ferminmoralet This is amazing. 🤣

Be wary of senior engineers who tell you that code complexity doesn't matter. #cleancode

“Why Simple Code is Better Than Reusable Code” por Dan Goslen https://t.co/oJYypXjltk

Super rad Xmas display

RT @Trevoke: I "grew up" as a professional developer in a small community where XP was the accepted standard. I've now spent a few years tr…

RT @VostoSynthwave: Something's coming up! a #synthwave single by me and @Moldiver ! For the times you want to patrol the Night City alleys…

Thank you @wolfclubband for spending 13 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped https://t.co/fnmGqdJM7U

RT @cyberthingmusic: Few facts about my new tapes: 1. They were printed in Russia, so you should drink vodka while listening 2. It's not a…

Jenn and I decided to throw Thanksgiving for a set of amazing britelings here in España. Getting all the ingredients for traditional Americans dishes proved to be a little difficult - as was snagging a full turkey. But, with some help and a little luck we pulled it off and had a great time. #francosabroad

@nikomateos It's all perspective. I like excuses to not be in the box, especially since I stay in the box for my day job

@nikomateos I think we can both agree the Juno is all sweetspot, and you have to work a bit to make magic on the Virus

@nikomateos Fair, for my wheelhouse - yes, it's the best.

@mcrumm Solid counter, but I stand by my statement

Today's controversial statement: The Juno 106 is one of the best synths of all time.

I'm of the opinion that if you are a senior software engineer, and you don't see the merits of testing, then you aren't actually senior.

RT @straplocked: New collab single out today with @vinniefranco #opal #sunnie 👇😎👇 https://t.co/1c8fAzt6wE

I've had the new cybertruck prototype for years. @teslamotors

This track was on the cutting room floor before Sunnie breathed new life into it and gave it wings. Now it's our fa… https://t.co/7tYYz8mQXK

Explored some caves today
Bar designed by no other than Wes Anderson
Sightseeing: architecture, canals, churches of death.
It was a bit of a risk to head out over cloud cover since the rain here tends to turn on like a faucet. Well worth the risk when you consider how breathtaking the views are.
Early morning rides
Feels good getting back on a bike, also feels terrible because I've lost all of my endurance and strength.
Welp. Finally made the journey to the beach after living here for a little over a month #francosabroad